Aidan Byrne’s Building

Aidan Byrne’s Building

Embarking upon any construction project can be stressful, especially if it is a new beginning for your family or your business- that’s why Aidan Byrne’s Building take the time to listen to exactly what their clients want. They understand that each project and client are driven by their own set of goals and lifestyles, so the team of experts treat each brief with the right amount of care and attention to detail. They also offer their clients the best product and materials, by committing to going above and beyond their clients’ expectations.

Established in 2010 – Aidan Byrne’s Building has grown from strength to strength, as they have provided their clients with a seamless service and the highest standards in construction. Having set out to build long-lasting foundations that change their clients’ lives for the better- the highly skilled team have succeeded by continually developing their own skills and putting their clients’ interests at the forefront of their minds.

So how does it work?

The company was founded by Limerick native, Aidan Byrne, with the intention of offering his clients a varied and dependable list of services. They have all of their own equipment and their own unique ways of finding solutions to the problems that arise on site, so there is never a stone left unturned or any issues that cannot be resolved.

Company Founder, Aidan Byrne, spent three years in Australia working for a construction company, before returning home and setting up his own business. His experience abroad became a leading factor in his success, as it gave Aidan and his team an edge when it came to solving any problems on-site.

Now currently building a number of one-off houses and renovations- the team have recently begun to tender for civil and industrial contracts, as they are looking to expand their service offering and broaden their skills. They also recently finished completing a manufacturing plant for Samco, Co. Limerick, which is testament to the hard work and foresight the team at Aidan Byrne’s Building are determined to provide.

They are looking forward to the challenges that lay on the horizon for the team, as they believe that if they are continually pushing the boundaries of their skills and their portfolio- then they are continually ensuring that they have the expertise to provide their clients with the brief that they have been dreaming of.

“I am a very hands on director,” Aidan explained. “I am on site and involved in the planning. I keep up to date with each projects progression and I am there if the clients need me. The team we have here is incredible though. Everyone works together to reach the best possible results, as that what makes us happy- satisfied clients!”

And what has kept their clients coming back over the years, is the commitment that elevates Aidan Byrne’s Building work. They bring each project over the line on time and on budget. They ensure that their clients’ are up to date with the construction progress, which allows them and their families to keep planning ahead, because that’s what it is all about for Aidan Byrne’s Building. They want to keep providing the highest quality in standards, while putting smiles on their clients faces.


Aidan Byrne’s Building

Castleconnel, Co.Limerick

087 941 5133