Butler Cammoranesi Architects

Demanding precision, innovation and efficiency, Butler Cammoranesi architects work by a challenging ethos. Founded in 2015, the Cork based architecture practice have undertaken and executed work which has sought to balance such ambitions with an idiosyncratic morality. An unusual quality in today’s market but one that has resonated with a diverse range of clients. Drawn to the dedicated yet flexible service on offer at their offices on George’s Quay, numerous collaborations have thus far seen challenging and complex projects realised in a fashion that has surpassed expectations.

Founding partners Paul Butler and Lorenzo Cammoranesi have assembled a multicultural design team that share their relentless vigour. Their leadership, which is based on several decades of collaboration, has brought an unusual blend of experience to the precocious new practice. It is a recipe that Lorenzo believes has been vital in their early successes. “We value the diversity in our design team, but moreover, we seek out those little insights which are so crucial to making the creative environment work to the benefit of the client.”

The fruits of this creative environment are perhaps best exemplified in their delicate treatment of the former Good Shepherd Convent in Sunday’s Well, Cork. Negotiating precarious historic and social circumstances, Butler Cammoranesi recently designed and coordinated an ultimately successful planning application for a thirteen building apartment scheme on the site.

“It’s a project that we feel really showcases a number of strengths” says Paul. “Firstly, the unusual breadth of skills that we have as a practice. Secondly, the ambition and scale of the projects we seek to contribute to the built environment. And crucially, the unique trust and collaborative relationship we create with our clients,” Lorenzo said.

It is a project indicative of the quality within a blossoming portfolio of work. Cultural, residential, commercial and educational sectors are all represented despite the firm’s recent inception. The ongoing 480 bed student accommodation project on Carrigrohane Road, Cork is particularly noteworthy as architecture of the highest calibre, something that has been recognised through a recent involvement in the design of an Údarás na Gaeltachta tourism and cultural centre on the Dingle peninsula.

“We try to engage in a varied range of projects as much as possible,” asserts Lorenzo. “Only recently we completed comprehensive renovation works for Cork Opera House while also pushing our residential scope with a second student accommodation building on Victoria Cross Road.”

And this cross-pollination between projects is something that Butler Cammoranesi revels in. “We enjoy it”, muses Paul. “There is a distinct freedom to the ideas that allows us to be innovative in any situation.”

This preoccupation is actively pursued and cultivated through their academic involvement. Both Paul and Lorenzo are unit coordinators in Year 4 at Cork Centre for Architectural Education, an environment where they both contribute as experts in their field and hone their own creative faculties. There is an energy at Butler Cammoranesi architects: a tangible desire to contribute to the urban landscape and manifest the visions of their clients.

These traits in themselves are not unique but perhaps what sets this architectural practice apart is their commitment to efficiency while refusing to compromise on humanity – is a potent formula which elevates them to the spotlight for the near future.


6 George’s Quay, Cork City

Tel: 021 241 7273

Contact Paul Butler – 087 125 9918 / E: paul@butlercammoranesi.ie

Lorenzo Cammoranesi – 086 406 3982 / E: lorenzo@butlercammoranesi.ie