Collison & Gleeson Builders Ltd

Collison & Gleeson Builders Ltd

Collison & Gleeson Builders Ltd. understand that when you are building your first home or business, you are not only embarking upon a journey of construction, but a journey towards the realisation of your dreams. So who better to have by your side, than one of Ireland’s leading construction companies? With the highest standards of quality put in place for everything that do, Collison & Gleeson Builders Ltd. have an undisputable reputation for providing lasting value for their customers.

Based in Co. Tipperary, the team of experts provide a wide range of construction works, such as residential, commercial, plant hire, refurbishing and extensions all over Ireland. Their strong regional presence allows for them to foster trusting and beneficial working partnerships with their customers, clients and the local community. This is something that Collison & Gleeson Builders Ltd. pride themselves on, as it proof that their clients come first.

With the skills and the abilities to help you find a site, help you with financing and planning, and then with the design, building and management of your building- Collison & Gleeson Builders Ltd. make it their mission to aid the betterment of your future, your family and your business all at once. Aiming to make the construction experience a comfortable one that you enjoy, rather than worry over- Collison & Gleeson Builders Ltd. make themselves and their exerts readily available, so if you have any questions, they are there.

The long-term vision for the team is “to become a definitive building company providing bespoke construction by being customer-focused, creative and sustainable.” This guarantees the quality of the product provided by Collison & Gleeson Builders Ltd.- but not just that. It ensures that the team are constantly improving their skills, so you will the most modern of advancements in your designs, and that their health and safety methods are up to date, so there will be no mistakes made on site.

But even if an issue does arise- the team at Collison & Gleeson Builders Ltd. have the knowledge and experience to deal with it and find the solution best for you. Believing that by working in the construction sector, they are able to make a difference in their clients’ lives by providing exceptional work, and by both relating and caring about them- Collison & Gleeson Builders Ltd. allow for the work to reach a new height as it is driven by a commitment to improve the environment we live in, not to hinder it.

Currently working on The New Milltown Garden Centre in Birr, Co. Offaly, and several other projects- Collison & Gleeson Builders Ltd. prove that their client focused approach is the way forward in today’s construction world. Recognising that each client is different and that each of their projects are just as important and unique- the team at Collison & Gleeson Builders Ltd. are committed to creating and realising the future that you have imagined.

The team will find you a cost-effective and energy efficient solution, when your business requires new premises or a refurbishment, or your family are looking to expand or move- it’s why Collison & Gleeson Ltd. is the contractor of choice for many families and companies who need a flexible construction plan. Their industrial developments also often require high specification engineering planning- which Collison & Gleeson can readily handle as well.

So whatever it is that you are looking to build, Collison & Gleeson Building Ltd. have the right answers to maximise your success.

Moneygall, Birr, Co. Offaly

Tel: 0505 24617 / Neil: 087 272 7275 / David: 087 755 6066 / Enda: 087 683 4530