Craig Na Hulla Shopfitting Specialists

Craig Na Hulla Shopfitting Specialists

As design concepts evolve within each construction sector, the construction process becomes trickier and trickier- or as Craig Na Hulla like to call it, more exciting. As a firm dedicated to the implementation of imaginative and innovative interior retail design, the Donegal based team of experts believe that if they are not discovering new resolutions to construction issues or defying each new challenge proposed, then they are not uncovering the realms of their abilities or pushing the boundaries of design- and that is what they want to do, to provide a service like no other.

Established by two brothers, Brian and Neil McGilloway, Craig Na Hulla is known best for building long-lasting relationships with their clients, which has led to the successful completion of many complicated briefs- as when you call Craig Na Hulla, there is no middle man. There is the opportunity to speak directly with one of the directors, which means there is no time or effort wasted on the client’s part. There is also a strict dedication to the best practice and the highest quality of work.

Specialising in bespoke retail interior design, manufacturing and fitting- the team of shop-fitting experts focus primarily on pharmacies, restaurants and offices- but are not limited to them either. Having worked together for many years, the team at Craig Na Hulla is able to ensure a smooth construction process- from early concept stages to completion or as hired sub-contractors- and their commitment to each client is what guarantees that no matter what the project is, Craig Na Hulla will achieve its full potential.

They’re a very likable and responsible team,” ONE OF THE Company Founders, Brian said. “They are very loyal. I’ve never heard a bad word said about them. They’re the kind of team that will do anything you ask- even if it is not part of their job description. I often arrive on site while they are doing something that they are not obliged to do, but have been asked to do by a client, and it’s great to see. They want to keep our clients just as happy as we do. It is why Craig Na Hulla has done so well so far.”

Another thing aiding the firm’s rise to the top, is the amount of experience each team member has. Both directors, Brian and Neil, have several years’ experience working for Ashley Martin Shopfitting- where they gained a valuable insight into the trade and began to witness how naturally it came to them both. This accumulation of skills and understanding then led directly to the establishment of Craig Na Hulla- as the brothers realised that it was time that they began to carve their own path within the industry.

We picked it up as we went along,” Brian said. “It’s like when a sailor goes out to sea and people say that it’s in his blood- that’s how we feel. It’s in our blood. We set ourselves up as a kitchen assembly company first, but when the bust hit, we had to find other things to do. Our first big job was with one of the McCabes pharmacies- now, they are one of our best clients.”

Other satisfied clients, who are eager to fly the Craig Na Hulla flag, are BRIAN DAVIS FROM ARC DESIGN, KELLIHER MILLER ARCHITECTS, BARRY MC CABE FROM MC CABE DESIGN GROUP, HOWTH GOLF CLUB, BENEFIT COSMETICS UK AND IRELAND, FKM GROUP, PARSONS CONSTRUCTION, WESTSIDE CIVIL ENGINEERING, AND PADRAIG CRONIN FROM UNITED DRUG . While the other services that they offer include suspended ceilings, stud partition and drylining, floor and wall tiling, carpet tiling, solid surface fabrication and first and second fixings.

We have reached a nice balance in OUR WORKPLACE,” Brain said. “Everyone has their role to play and we meet regularly to discuss and elaborate on each project- this means that each client gets the benefit of our expertise. After facing difficult times together, like the bust, we know how to effectively fulfil a brief and that we are capable of accomplishing most tasks. It has never been a sad story here- Craig Na Hulla has only ever grown from strength to strength.”


Dunegard – Malin Head – Inishowen  – Co. Donegal

Tel: 074 93 70500 

Brian: 086 105 5802   John: 086 812 2155