Henry J Lyons - Architects

Henry J Lyons – Architects

‘One Molesworth Street is a project that has set a new a new benchmark in office design in Dublin. With its use of cutting edge construction technology, such as the structural steel frame which creates column free floor plates, and the highest quality materials, such as Portland Stone, cast bronze cladding, triple laminate glass fins and Italian Travertine interiors- the office complex has revolutionized the way business will be done in Dublin. Designed by leading architects, Henry J Lyons, One Molesworth Street has set modernity in motion within the Irish architectural sector and hastened the pace.

As the team at Henry J Lyons believe that the design of a building should not be dictated by a superimposed ‘style’- that it should develop organically from a combination of factors, including the building use, sustainability and environmental issues, regulatory requirements and, perhaps most importantly, the existing context in which it sits- they can guarantee that each new project they take on will be unique in its own way. One Molesworth Street is no different.



Having considered all aspects of the site- such as the physical, the architectural, the cultural, the social and the historic- Henry J Lyons succeeded in realising a design that not only stands out, but brings the best out in its environment. As it is inextricably linked to its time and place, One Molesworth Street captures a timelessness that appears effortless and refined, whilst deepening the city’s ties with a new, more dynamic way of envisioning its streets and enhancing their sustainability.

We feel that one of the most successful elements of the design is the way that the building creates a transition between the two very different streets onto which it faces,” explained HJL’s Associate Director, Ronan Savage. “The Dawson Street elevation is highly glazed, transparent and permeable, reflecting the active, commercial nature of this street- while the Molesworth Street facade has a more solid restrained approach, which is in keeping with the quieter and more subdued character of this street. Although the facades are quite different in nature, they share a number of important characteristics, such as high quality materials, fine detailing as well as similar proportions and dimensional modules, which along with the continuous glazing and bronze cladding of the ground floor retail areas help to create a unified overall composition.”

With their client constantly on their mind, One Molesworth Street was designed to exude quality and maximize the occupier’s experience- so every element was discussed in detail and every best possible solution was reached. Henry J Lyons after all, are seasoned professionals. They have a reputation for providing the highest standards of quality in the architectural business and they intend on continuing to offer nothing less.

Based in Dublin City Centre, the award winning firm boasts a team of over 175 architects, designers and support staff, who have worked on projects all over Ireland, throughout the U.K. and the EMEA Region. Their body of work includes architecture, interior design, master-planning and conservation projects, while they also provide consultancy services to assist their clients as they navigate through the highly regulated environment in which buildings are created.

And now, as the final touches are made to One Molesworth Street, its dimensions and character can be truly seen from all angles. Situated on an island site- which gives the added benefit of full height glazing and natural light on each of the four facades- it is hard to take your eyes off the project or deny that there is nothing else like it in the country.

So for Henry J Lyons it is another success- as they can trust that their design and the quality of One Molesworth Street will stand the test of time, and act as an example for the successful integration of commercial development within historic areas of the city. Why don’t you go see for yourself?

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