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HOH Partnership

Engineering is not about winning awards. It’s about finding efficient, eco-friendly and cost effective solutions for our ever- changing society– that isn’t to say however, that winning an award along the way, is not a pleasure. For HOH Partnership –a multi-award winning engineering practice– the satisfied look on their clients’ faces, when they unveil the final results of  their endeavours, is the reason HOH Partnership will do what they do so well. The awards are just an additional bonus.

Established in 2000, HOH Partnership created an environment where integrated teamwork (between all levels of experts), professionalism and adaptability became the pillars of their work methods. And by allowing their wealth of knowledge to be utilised in unison to develop some of Ireland’s finest engineering designs– HOH Partnership has succeeded in evolving with each completed brief. Their dedication to their client’s needs is still as vast and important as ever- as the firm strives to provide the country with a more dynamically dependable kind of solution.


“When I set up HOH Partnership, I wanted to bring the experience that I gained from working on projects all over the world and use it on a local level,” Company Founder, Jerry Hedderman explained. “I wanted to integrate the level of detail that I was issuing on foreign projects and use it back home– to use everything that I learnt for the people around me. This idea then became a leading factor in HOH Partnership’s success- as while our team grew, so did our range of abilities and thinking.”

The first class engineering consultancy and project management services that HOH Partnership provide- to all sectors of the construction industry- has stapled them with the reputation of being not only a professional quality service provider, but also a company that attaches particular importance to consistency and quality in every project undertaken.

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Offering each of their client’s complete confidentiality, flexibility and an open line of communication between both stakeholders– HOH Partnership guarantee that any project they embark upon, will be of the highest quality of standards and designed to fit their clients requirements precisely. With expertise in mechanical services, electrical services, fire protection services, sprinkler services, transportation services, project management and construction management services, BCAR and PSCS/PSDP- HOH Partnership have the edge that is needed to break the mould.

“The goal is to continue to grow,” Jerry said. “We want to grow the team and the scale of the projects. We already operate throughout Ireland and we want to continue to bring bigger and better solutions and designs to the nation. If we keep the clients and the work at the heart of what we do- who knows what will be next?”

And that seems to be the most pressing question— what will HOH Partnership do next?


Having recently completed the award winning project at Alkermes Pharmaceuticals, Athlone, Co. Westmeath and Numerous Industrial, Commercials and Healthcare Projects– it is clear that HOH Partnership are committed to maintaining their leading role in the Irish engineering world. The only question left to ask, is when you need them, where can you find them? And that’s easy: HOH Partnership is based in Dublin- where they are ready and waiting to work with prospective clients and design teams on realising future’s dreams.

hohlogo-111 The Seapoint Building, Clontarf Road, Dublin 3
Tel: 01 853 0260 
email: info@hohpartnership.com

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