John Ward Construction

John Ward Construction

Office Refurbishment at Greenogue Industrial Estate, Rathcoole, Co. Dublin.

Proper coordination and organisation is all that is needed to take a construction project from conception to completion with as little stress as possible- so John Ward Construction Ltd. believe. And with two generations of professionals, and over 30 years’ experience, in the construction industry, how can we not take their word for it? Established in 1986, there isn’t a lot that the team at John Ward Construction Ltd. haven’t seen or solved.

Based in Wicklow, the construction company works all over Ireland, providing a seamless construction experience that both enhances the lives and businesses of their clients. Their commercial, industrial, residential and renovation services consist of a complete building package, from design and build solutions to traditional build projects.

Over the years they have also had a lot of involvement in the restoration of properties damaged by floods or fires, and as a result, the team at John Ward Construction Ltd. have the insight and in-depth knowledge to return your flood or fire damaged home or premises back to its pre-incident condition as quickly as possible and with a minimum of disruption.

As for listed buildings, the stonemasons, lime render experts and coving restoration specialists that work at John Ward Construction Ltd.- can bring any listed building back to life with their traditional skills and materials to match.

“Myself and my father were working for another company, when the work began to decrease because of the recession that hit the 80’s,” Company Founder, John Ward, explained. “We decided to set up our own business. My father had the experience and I had the youth and the energy- what could go wrong? We started a small company and it grew from there on. It has gone from strength to strength.”

And looking at the two projects that John Ward Construction Ltd. are currently working on at Greenogue, Dublin- it is easy to see the craftsmanship that not only envelopes their work, but considers its surroundings and purpose. The first project- an industrial unit, which was designed for a distribution company and covers 120,000 sq. feet- is tailored to the needs of their clients. The second- an office refurbishment that has been extended- is a modern and svelte new space for their clients’ work force.

It really is no wonder that John Ward Construction Ltd. has never had a dissatisfied client, and that all of their business is repeat business or referred clients. As members of C.I.R.I. and C.I.F.- of which John is actually an acting board member of- the standard of the company’s work has never been challenged. It has only evolved over time.

“Every job that we walk away from, we are proud of- we tell people about them,” John said. “I still really enjoy my job- that’s why I start early and finish late. Over my years in the industry, I have built up a huge knowledge, which I use every day. I have design teams, architects and engineers come to me when they have problems. It’s a great feeling.”

John isn’t the only one that can offer advice though. His entire team are continually developing their skills and embarking upon bigger and better projects, as their ambition to complete sustainable and inspiring construction briefs, is what drives them and keeps them on top of the market. They understand that they must know what is coming next. They are just wondering if it will be you?


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