KDC Building & Civil Engineering Ltd

KDC Building & Civil Engineering Ltd

The ability to not only provide, but guarantee, the highest quality of civil engineering, fused with unique conceptions and methods that set each completed project apart- is a trait that comes naturally to the team at KDC Building and Civil Engineering Ltd. With over 20 years’ experience in the construction business, the dedicated team of experts have grown alongside the ever-changing rules and regulations of the construction trade, while their originality and dependability have remained untarnished- but that’s not what they’re known for.

It is the positive work attitude that each team member embraces, which alleviates any burden of building for their clients- that sets KDC Building and Civil Engineering LTD. apart from other civil engineering firms. Established in 2012 and based in Cork- where the team of proficient craftsmen have a reputation for delivering exceptional solutions on time and within budget- KDC Building and Civil Engineering LTD. have committed their time and efforts to bettering the lives of their clients, while deepening their own knowledge of the construction trade.

We can work within any sector of construction- that’s the beauty of KDC Building and Civil Engineering LTD.” Accounts Manager, Yvonne Moore said. “We strive to grow and develop. We do not want to become complacent as the trade is constantly evolving and to stay on top of it- for both your team and your clients- you have to embrace the changes that occur. At least that’s what we believe and it’s done us well so far.”

As members of The Construction Federation Ireland, KDC Building and Civil Engineering LTD. are not only bound to the highest quality of standards by choice, they are compelled to ensure that all of their work complies with the highest industrial and safety standards. Their attention to detail and willingness to go above and beyond their clients’ expectations- is the team’s natural instinct and it can be seen in the long list of their successfully completed projects.

Some these projects include Starbucks, Douglas Village Shopping Centre; Ardmore Open Farm; FBA Lab and Teagasc; Bank of Ireland, Dublin, and TSB Bank. Their individuality can also be seen in each of these completed projects, as whether it is a new-build, a refurbishment, an extension or a school, a laboratory or a shopping centre- KDC Building and Civil Engineering LTD. use each space to its fullest potential and inspire a sense of real change on site. This means that no matter how big or small- complicated or simple- the job, KDC Building and Civil Engineering LTD. ensure that it receives the utmost effort and dedication.

And the leading factor in this effective work method is Company Founder and Director, Donal Keneally- who takes an active role in each of the projects that come through the firm’s door and utilises his experience to encourage his team and his clients alike.

Donal had a very specific vision when he set up KDC Building and Civil Engineering LTD.- and that was to offer the best construction solutions and quality to the clients,” Yvonne explained. “Without the good word and backing of your clients, you are nothing in this business- that’s why we do everything we can for our clients and more. It is about building long lasting futures- for our clients and ourselves.”

With several projects on the go- KDC Building and Civil Engineering LTD. are continuing to do what they do best, while their reputation grows by word of mouth and their skill set grows too, as they are taking on more one-off projects. The only thing that is unchanging within KDC Building and Civil Engineering LTD.- is the team’s professional and work-happy attitude.

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