Kenler - Sandyford Village

Kenler – Sandyford Village

Early next year, Molior Construction Ltd. is set to unveil a rare and authentic housing development in Sandyford Village, Dublin. Having acquired Kenler- a house on 0.59 acres- for €1.51 million, Molior Construction Ltd. demolished the existing property and designed 8 brand new, modern and energy efficient homes that are set to rejuvenate the standards within the housing development sector, as Molior Construction Ltd. did not hold back when it came to the Kenler Development. They imagined a whole new way of living.

Boasting an A-rated energy system that converts the outside air to hot water for the air and central heating systems- which costs 50% to 60% less to run than traditional systems- Kenler is a prime example of the moves that are being made to reduce our effect on our environment. With a controlled ventilation system, EcoClad Alu Clad timber windows and excellent wall, floor and roof insulation- the cutting edge development is perfect for the modern day family, looking for both energy and cost efficiency.

And that’s not all that stands out about Kenler. The high-quality finish and choice of materials elevate each property and create both a relaxing and enchanting environment- which is perfect to return to at the end of the day and unwind. The contemporary doors fitted with chrome ironmongery throughout each house were fitted with matching skirting boards and architraves, and tie each room together. The timber staircases with oak handrails, resound throughout each property and create an element of stature and poise, which spreads within the houses as the sunlight pours through the windows.

The extra high floor to ceiling heights of 9ft on both the ground floor and first floor- bring an open and airy feeling into each home and leaves no space untouched. The cleverly designed lighting layout- specified by Fallon Design- allows for a mix of pendant, down-lighters and wall lights to optimise lighting and visibility. Wired for TV/broadband providers and free to air TV- the Kenler development is ready to embrace your way of living and enhance it by bringing more light and space to your days.

And if that’s not enough, there are two private car spaces per each semi-detached house and they are wired for electric car charging- to keep you going. And there is also high quality hard and soft landscaping to the front of each of the gardens and driveways- to keep the smile on your face, even from inside the living room.

And who brought all this to Sandyford? Molior Construction Ltd.- who was set up by Ciaran Deane, son of developer Anthony Deane of Deane Homes- did, with the intention of providing homes for the new generation of home buyers. The development also marks the return of the Deane family to their traditional stomping ground, given that Deane Homes was for years one of the most prolific housebuilders in south Dublin.

Planning to unveil the Kenler properties in early February 2018- Molior Construction Ltd. is on track to establish themselves as one of the forerunners in Irish construction. Their choice to appoint Moovingo New Homes- the new cost-effective estate agent- as the properties seller, has allowed them to save over €30,000 in estate agent fees. Once again proving the point that if you work with Molior Construction Ltd.- you are working with the pavers of the future.


Kenler – Sandyford Village

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