McDermot & Trearty Construction Ltd

McDermot & Trearty Construction Ltd

It has been said that the only way to do great work, is to love what you do. At McDermott & Trearty Construction Ltd.- it is the moto that has led them from success to success, year after year. Committed to delivering an impeccable service, with a smile- the Donegal based firm have redefined what it means to go above and beyond for their clients.

So how is it that they enjoy their work so much?

Established in 2004, McDermott & Trearty Construction Ltd. have built a team of experts that use both communication and skill to complete their briefs. Understanding the importance of working together as a team, they are able to provide the best solutions to any problems that arise- if they arise at all. The variety and depth of skill that also exists amongst them, is another key factor in how efficiently they can bring a project from conception to completion.

And the driving force behind this professionalism, is the three directors- Gareth Martin, Patrick Trearty and John Joe, who have all been in the construction business for longer than they can remember. Wanting to achieve the same construction standards in 2004, they set up McDermott & Trearty Construction Ltd. with the intention of utilising the best products and raising client satisfaction to a new level. So have they succeeded, you may ask?

Their long list of satisfied clients would have you think so. Including clients such as the H.S.E.- McDermott & Trearty Construction Ltd. have worked with some of the country’s biggest commercial, educational and healthcare clients. But that doesn’t mean that they only complete largescale briefs. McDermott & Trearty Construction Ltd. pride themselves on their dedication to both small and largescale projects.

“The team here at McDermott & Trearty Construction Ltd. really enjoy their work,” Quantity Surveyor, Claire Donnelly explained. “It is where their dedication to their clients and the standards that they expect to achieve, come from. It is also why they work so well together. They meet a few times during the week to ensure that everything is running smoothly with each project and to ensure that there is nothing that has been overlooked.”

Currently working on a number of projects in both Donegal and Dublin- McDermott & Trearty Construction Ltd. still continue to offer a wide range of services all over the country. A current project- The Hartstown Community School project Dublin 15- is almost ready to be handed over and displays the fine work that the team are capable of. Finishing up on time and within budget, the school is a prime example of how McDermott & Trearty Construction Ltd. utilise their initiative to elevate their construction work alongside their clients’ lives.

With their own machinery and trusted team- the firm is able to promise a smooth, cost effective and energy efficient delivery of each project that they complete. “We are all interested in what we do here- it’s what keeps us in the business,” Claire said. “We are continually developing our skills and focusing on new and better ways to improve our work.”

6 Beechwood Avenue, Letterkenny, Co Donegal

Tel:  074 910 3888