Moneyhill Construction Ltd

Moneyhill Construction Ltd

There is a certain charm to be found in the small things in life – as with Moneyhill Construction, they are usually the things that make us the happiest. And with the Meath based team putting their talent and commitment into each and every client that comes their way- it is easy to say that there is no job too big or too small for Moneyhill Construction. Established in 2008, the resourceful team pride themselves on not only their ability to complete each contract on time and on budget, but on the discipline that they have cultivated over a decade in the construction business, which allows them to do their job like no other in the trade.

Building their reputation upon the words of their satisfied clients, Moneyhill Construction believe that it is their commitment to their clients and the highest standard of quality that keeps their work progressing and their skills continually developing. It is also the reason that there isn’t a brief that cannot reach its full potential with the inventive and resilient team, as every time they are on site, they are striving for excellence, ensuring innovation and guaranteeing that their clients’ wants and needs are at the top of their list. There is only one thing that Moneyhill Construction insist on- and that’s finding the right solution to every problem.


“Attention to detail is key,” Company Founder, Tome Creaby explained. “We have a dedicated team here at Moneyhill Construction– it’s what sets us apart from other construction firms. When I left the job I had before setting up Moneyhill Construction, I left with a firm conviction that your clients are your top priority and what they say goes– so listen up carefully! I also wanted to provide a service that took the strain out of construction and made it enjoyable for our clients.”


Boasting their own fleet of machinery and equipment, Moneyhill Construction succeed in achieving their goal of going above and beyond their clients’ expectations by meeting with each prospective client, discussing their brief in detail with them and conferring with the rest of their team, which guarantees each client the full extent of the wealth of their knowledge. Offering a long list of services, such as new builds, refurbishments, extensions and building contracts, fit-out contracts, project management, site assessments and maintenance contracts– Moneyhill Construction affirm their good name through understanding their clients and the environment they thrive in.


“I set up Moneyhill Construction because construction was all I knew and I was good at it,” Tom revealed. “I was a carpenter by trade and it was a natural progression for me. I find that I tackle the problems that we are faced with every day in a clear and calculated way, and I like to ensure that I am involved in every project that comes through the door. I believe that it guarantees the best results, and if I’m honest, I enjoy my job. I enjoy the size that Moneyhill Construction is at the moment too, as I can control what is going on. I can be hands on- I don’t want to lose that.”

IMG_5381Having worked on bigger sites and bigger projects, Tom has witnessed many of the varying work ethics and practices that are used across the country, but he still concludes that it is the small firm- the firm that can focus on the nitty gritty- that will bring a brief to life. “Most of our work comes from architects and word-of-mouth,” Tom discussed. “They know they can trust us– that the product we offer is precise and dependable. They also know that nothing will be overlooked- that we rely on our success rate– and that we enjoy our jobs, especially if it’s sunny!”


And with safety management courses under each of their belts, the team at Moneyhill Construction cans safely say that it’s smooth sailing all the way with them– at least until they run into a problem that can’t be solved, but that hasn’t happened yet.

Moneyhill Construction Ltd
Moneyhill, Primatestown, Ashbourne, Co. Meath
Tel: 01 835 5634
Contact Tom Creaby: 086 605 8274 

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