When we think of advancements in the residential sector- we think of sustainability and the dynamic use of space. We do not think of how we buy and sell homes- but maybe it is time that we should, or rather, we should consider Moovingo when selling, the new hybrid estate agent that is targeting huge savings for property sellers. Believing that the 1-3% traditional commission-structure for selling a home is an unnecessary burden to homeowners- the developers of Moovingo have designed the Moovingo website to eliminate any redundant costs and ensure that you get the most out of your home.

The first of its kind to reach the Irish property sector, Moovingo uses advanced and cutting edge technology, alongside experienced property agents, to sell a property, whilst charging as little as 1,500euro for it- in comparison to an estate agent’s fee, it is more than reasonable. It is a relief for home sellers and residential developers- so why not try it?

Designed to give homebuyers and sellers a professional, streamlined experience that not only saves them money, but that is accessible 24 hours’ a day- Moovingo strives to provide a service that you will tell your family and friends about. The team at Moovingo understand how important it is to buy or sell a home, since the introduction of property portals such as Daft and MyHome- that’s why they are so excited to bring you Moovingo. The model is designed to save time and money, once a buyer or seller comes to the website it is very easy to navigate and engage, the Moovingo team are also on hand to support when needed.

Through our own experience, we have witnessed how slow and expensive the process of selling a home is, and through other experiences we know the benefits of technology,” Moovingo Founder, Tony Deane explained. “It increases communication, the speed of service, provides transparency and most importantly, reduces costs. We spent over a year researching the market and other industries, to learn what was working well, what was not and what consumers wanted. Once we had a clear idea, we spent a further year designing Moovingo, specifically building a product around our customers and our agents.”

So how does it work? The technology used by Moovingo simplifies the lives of their agents and empowers them with the tools, data and services to become more effective at guiding their clients. Moovingo elevates the most important parts of the buying and selling process, so there is no confusion or room for mistakes. The visual aspect of the site allows for both buyers and sellers to easily and quickly engage with a property, whether it’s booking a viewing, reviewing feedback or placing an offer- that all sounds easy enough, right?

  But that’s not it- the team at Moovingo recognise the wants and needs of each client, and that no matter how easy Moovingo is to navigate on your own, there is still the desire to have a professional help you through the process. That’s why each property is appointed its own licensed local property agent, who will is available to manage the entire sales process. All of Moovingo’s local property agents are experienced and will be powered with the most powerful customer relationship management tool to allow them to ensure everything runs smoothly and nothing falls through the cracks.

So what is holding you back? The future of real estate has finally arrived in Ireland.

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