O’Leary Architecture + Design

O’Leary Architecture + Design

O’Leary Architecture + Design have a reputation for completing top quality and personalised commercial, residential, retail and leisure projects. Their creativity, insight and knowledge, blended together, create the perfect platform to transform any space into the space that you have always been dreaming of. Their ability to do extravagant things with difficult buildings- to create a place that is unrecognisable, yet familiar- is a testament to their skillset and an added bonus when it comes to picking up the phone and calling them.

Established in 2005, the architectural and interior design firm set out to simplify the growing needs of today’s society by combining the two forms of design and offering their clients a fuller, more extensive package. With a team of highly trained and dedicated experts, O’Leary Architecture + Design focus on developing their clients’ visions while embracing the parameters of each new project and fortifying it for the future- because as much as we may not like to believe it, our homes and businesses may outlive us.


“Why consider architecture?” their website asks. “A building lasts longer than your life: it
deliberately creates a particular experience of living, working, playing, interacting, consuming and feeling. Every person is effected by the spaces they exist in, and in turn, is influenced to act in various ways: to relax, to be comfortable and to return.”


And it is that kind of thinking- thinking that is centred around their clients- that allows O’Leary Architecture + Design to provide design solutions that embellish their clients’ wants and requirements, while creating something specifically unique to their lives, businesses and ventures. Whether it’s taking a project from conception to completion, refurbishing an old building or decorating the interiors to fashion a new mould– the Cork based firm offer a high quality product that embraces comfort and class.

“Architectural and interior design work tends to spread by word of mouth,” Derek explained. “We have a reputation for doing good things with difficult buildings. The experience and the technical knowledge that we have built up over the years, mixed with the design based approach that we take for developing solutions- seems to work for us. We don’t view our jobs as tearing buildings apart- we believe that it is about taking the existing buildings we come across and contrasting them with what is new- creating a tension that helps orientate the final solution.”


Currently working on two houses, a small apartment development, a housing estate, a number of retail properties and a pub- O’Leary Architecture + Design rely on their long list of trusted sub-contractors and supply companies to achieve the standards that they are known for. Working all over Munster and its surrounding counties, the firm has left a trail of innovative and energy efficient work behind them, as they are not only an architectural and interior design firm- they are certified Passive House Designers and acquainted with each spectrum of modern construction.

“We are being picked for the competence and expertise that we hold in all areas of construction,” Derek explained. “People know what they are getting when they come to us- they can see it in our broad portfolio of completed projects. We are focused on quality and our clients’ satisfaction. The full development and betterment of their vision, is our goal, and we remain in constant contact with our clients to ensure this.”


Company founder, Derek O’Leary – a Registered Architect, qualified Architectural Technologist, Project Manager and Architect Accredited in Conservation Grade III who established the firm in 2005 and has dedicated his time to his clients and his team- leads O’Leary Architecture + Design with a positive, determined and progressive attitude that guarantees success. His passion for his work leaves no room for misinterpretation- O’Leary Architecture + Design have what it takes to create a whole new living plain for their clients.

“The goal…” Derek revealed, “… is to produce well designed and well-functioning buildings that respond to our clients’ needs.”

O’Leary Architecture + Design
Ouvane, Rathmore Lawn, South Douglas Road, Cork
Contact Derek O’ Leary: 021 489 7737 or 087 689 8292
email: studio@olearyad.ie

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