Paul McStay Architect

Paul McStay Architect

Imagination goes a long way when it comes to architecture- it builds homes, towns and cities and brings them together; creates a space for communities to flourish, and if done right, with care and precision- it can make all of the difference in the world. It can also determine the way we live our lives; the way we spend our time and our money, and with Paul McStay Architect on the job- there is no room for dead space, redundant views or creative clutter: there is only something bigger; something brighter and tailored to your specific needs.


Set up in 2007, by Paul McStay- who has dedicated his time to providing high quality design driven architecture and a friendly, client focused approach- the Belfast based practice offers a full and comprehensive list of architectural services, such as feasibility studies, scoping studies, option advice, site selection assistance, expert project planning and management, building assessments and evaluation and construction documentation, specifications and administration at an affordable cost. “Setting up my own business was always an aspiration of mine,” Paul explained. “I wanted to supply my clients with the best service and design; and ease the building process for them- now, my goal is to continue doing the same thing; to keep going above and beyond my clients’ expectations and developing my skills to benefit their futures- because at the end of the day, it’s all about them; all about creating their vision, taking them each step of the way and keeping them up-to-date. It is
important that they know exactly what I am doing and why; and that I have their best interests at heart.”

Paul also maintains an open line of communication with each of his clients to ensure that all of their queries are answered and that the most is made of his expertise- having graduated from Queens University in 1987, with a degree in architecture; and gone on to work in several practices in London and Australia- Paul understands how stressful the whole procedure can be and how vital it is to be there for his clients.
“After I graduated, I got a job in Chelsea as an architectural assistant,” Paul revealed. “I really enjoyed the work I was doing, but I wanted to get away for a while- so I went to Australia and worked in a gold mining engineering firm and a firm in Darwin designing cyclone proof houses there.
Later, I worked on the Southgate Restaurant & Shopping Centre in Melbourne and returned to London two years later- I got a job as a labourer and it was a chance to see how things worked on the other side; the production side, which gave me an insight into the physical construction aspects of the industry.”

In 1992, Paul got a job with Community Technical Aid in Belfast and the work appealed to him because it was community based work, such as women’s centres and youth clubs; generally government or internationally funded and targeted at disadvantaged communities. “I was there for 14 years,” Paul discussed. “I learnt how to achieve the best results on a tight budget and why it was so important to deliver the best quality work within given constraints. I also got to work with the government and the county councils on numerous occasions, which taught me how to get a project over the planning line and actually deliver it- but what really interested me was that I felt I could make a difference- I could make the lives of local that little bit easier, and that was worth all the hard work.”

Now operating throughout Northern Ireland and occasionally in the South- Paul recently handed over a two-storey dwelling in Crumlin, Dublin; where the client wanted to exploit the surrounding views and obtain a high energy efficiency rating- and hoping to expand further into the sustainable energy sector; he whole heartedly believes that it is the word of his satisfied clients that have led to success. “It is the most reliable way of getting work,” Paul said. “There is quite a lot of competition out there these days and I find that most of my clients have heard of me through a high recommendation or they’ve seen my work- and it’s fantastic to get that response; as I really love what I do. It still really intrigues me to combine the creative with the act of building; I still get a buzz from it, and I really appreciate the care and the love clients have for a project, once it is complete and in their hands.”

Paul McStay Architect

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