Reddy Architecture + Urbanism

Reddy Architecture + Urbanism

If winning awards was Reddy Architecture + Urbanism’s goal- then it could be said that the multi-award winning firm of architects and design professionals, had achieved it a long time ago. But it is not awards that the dynamic team are after. They are focused on designing great buildings and places that enhance the lives of their clients, whilst providing a comprehensive range of design services from their offices in Ireland, the UK and associated offices in Poland, Romania, the Middle East and the USA.

Driven by a passion for the urban environment, Reddy Architecture + Urbanism approach every project with an open and enquiring mind. They take the time to understand their clients’ objectives and work to create appropriate design solutions that are imaginative, intelligent, cost effective and satisfying.

With over 30 years’ experience in the construction trade, their projects span many sectors and building types. They have particular expertise in the residential, office, workplace and healthcare sectors, and broad experience in the leisure, education and industrial sectors. Their work ranges from large and complex urban-scale projects to small individual spaces, which each receive the same commitment to great design and attention to detail, as Reddy Architecture + Urbanism care as much about the process of construction as design.

They provide a seamless end-to-end service, so that the quality of the initial concept is carried through to the completed project- and if you don’t believe them, just take a look at their clients’ testimonials, which offer all the evidence you need, to trust in the quality of their work.

Their core design services, in addition to architecture, include urban design, master planning and interior design. Their technical expertise include due diligence and project appraisal, project management and project delivery. They have a proven track record in collaborating with other architects on complex projects- so whatever it is that you have in mind, Reddy Architecture + Urbanism have the right solution for you.

Their chairman is a founding member of the Academy of Urbanism, which has rooted their passion for the urban environment deep within the firm. They enjoy creating successful urban spaces and their dedication to each brief is what sets Reddy Architecture + Urbanism apart from other firms. It also keeps them at the forefront of urban design, as they are constantly striving to go above and beyond their client’s needs.

With Quality Management Systems that have been independently certified to the internationally recognised ISO 9001:2008 standard by EQA (Ireland) Ltd.- there is no doubt that the work Reddy Architecture + Urbanism do, is of the highest quality. Their Kilkenny office are currently working on a new office and commercial development at Shannon Free Zone, Co. Clare- where the team of experts are committed to continually developing their own skills, while exploring and broadening the boundaries of their work for the betterment of their clients.

They actively promote a culture in which the focus is on achieving customer satisfaction by providing a quality service, and each member of staff understands that quality begins with a clear understanding of their clients’ needs and continues long after handover. By placing the emphasis on effective communication, both internally and externally, Reddy Architecture + Urbanism ensure that their clients get exactly what they want- so why not give them a call?


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