RKA Consulting Engineers

RKA Consulting Engineers

If a company is built upon a strong foundation of knowledge and commitment- it will stand the test of time. There is no better force than a dedicated team with the drive to continually improve and achieve new heights- just like RKA Consulting Engineers. Established in 1985, RKA prioritizes the needs of their clients and boasts a team of highly trained experts that each specializes in different areas of construction, allowing RKA to provide a high-quality service, as there is no brief that their team cannot fulfill.

Whether they are acting as lead consultants, project managers or members of a multidisciplinary design team- RKA have the experience to complete each project on time, on budget and with ease. They also offer a wide range of other services, such as feasibility studies for land utilisation; evaluation of buildings and properties; site surveying, investigation, flood studies and development assessment; preparation of Planning Applications; preparation and coordination of Environmental Impact Statements; and Civil and Structural design and construction supervision across a broad range of building types- amongst many others.

They are a member firm of The Association of Consulting Engineers of Ireland and the senior members of the firm also belong to the Institution of Engineers Ireland. As a firm of Civil and Structural Consultants- RKA has a wealth of experience, both on-site and around the design table, which allows for their core value- client satisfaction- to secure its importance, as the team is able to focus entirely on what their client needs.

Ray Keane founded the company,” Company Engineer, Martin English, explained. “It was a small team at first, who were dedicated to each of their clients, and over the years, it has expanded, but the values are still the same. We pride ourselves on our diversity and our ability to take on any project with the knowledge that we can accomplish it- if not try and help to improve it.”

Offering a personalized and professional engineering service, RKA adopts a hands-on approach with the directors and partners of the firm playing an active role in each project. The directors and partners also make themselves available to each member of their team, so that insight and experience is something that is shared within the firm- this trait can be attributed to the success of RKA, as they believe that they are building the future and that to get there, they need to know how. They also understand that for their clients to have the best experience that they can- it is RKA’s responsibility to guarantee the best solutions.

Everyone on the team has something to bring to the table,” Martin said. “Once a partner is allocated, the team is assembled and the work begins. That’s not all we do though- we are constantly learning and pushing ourselves to accomplish new things. It’s what gives us an advantage- that and the emphasis we put on the clients.”

What also helps with the smooth running of RKA, is their commitment to maintaining their Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008. And as they continue to build on their experience and significant progress to date- with a view to refining their service and adapting on an on-going basis to the needs of their customers- the team at RKA still find the time to enjoy what they do.

Take a look at the New Filling Station Development at Dano’s Centra in Spa Glen, Mallow, Co.Cork- which had been in high demand from the community for some time. Under pressure to meet their deadline and the needs of the community- RKA put all their effort and skill together and handed over the project before schedule. This is what they do best.

Every day is different,” Martin said. “There is never a dull day- we are too busy for dull days. We do enjoy what do though, especially when you get to see the smile on a client’s face.”

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