Sandar Construction

Sandar Construction

If you want a construction company that you can trust with your future, then Sandar Ltd t/a Sandar Construction is the reputable family owned building contracting company for you- as construction is not just something that they do, it is in their blood. Established in 1999, the expert driven company undertakes both public and private projects- from multimillion projects to small and medium size contracts- with the scope of work varying in type and size. They offer a fully committed and motivated service that is packaged in their own brand of professionalism- as Sandar Construction do things their own unique way, or the best way, if you want to keep it simple.

Priding themselves on their dedication to achieving the highest standards of quality- the team at Sandar Construction aim to shun complacency and provide their clients with a quality service by completing projects to the highest standards, on time and within budget, and through safe and environmentally friendly practices. With regulations and technology constantly changing within the construction sector, Sandar Construction have witnessed the problems that can arise if a project does not meet the modern standards of construction expected. They aim to eradicate such issues by setting a new bar for standards and endeavouring to bring the best methods and materials to each new brief that they meet.

Sandar Construction also believe that if they listen to their clients and continually develop their skills, achieving the highest standards of construction shouldn’t be too hard. And lucky for them, it seems to be working. The company boasts a number of accreditations, while their quality management system conforms with the requirements of ISO 9001;2008. They maintain a disciplined approach when it comes to safeguarding the environment, as they are committed to reducing the environmental impact of their work (a system which is ISO 14001;2004 accredited).

Their track record of competence and experience as a building contractor is acknowledged in its inclusion into CIRI (Construction Industry Register of Ireland). And their drive to keep both their employees and clients safe on site, can be seen in the implementation of their safety management system, where their strong Health and Safety standards are recognised in their A Grade Safe-T-Cert accreditation, the highest level achievable.

“My father, Jimmy Jackson, founded the company in 1999,” Company Director, Leigh Jackson explained. “He had been in the business for over 20 years before setting up on his own, and after working every summer with him, myself and my brother had no choice but to get work as soon we could. And we never thought about another career path to be honest- construction is in our blood. It’s why we are so determined to provide the best service.”

Over the years and the many successful briefs that Sandar Construction have completed- the skills and management base of the company has evolved and developed. Their success is due to the drive and the commitment that their team have, after working with them for many years. Now looking to expand further and move on to more complicated briefs, the team at Sandar Construction are looking to expand and find the right experts to join them.

Having recently finished The Liam Rogers Centre, Co. Dublin, and working on a number of other projects, Sandar Construction show no signs of slowing down. Now one of the main contractors across all sections of construction, with experience in most areas- Sandar Construction are excited for their future and yours, as there is only greatness to come.

“We encourage our clients to talk to us about what they want out of their construction plan,” Leigh said. “We want them to know that we are there for any hiccups that may arise, and that we can find a solution to any of their problems. They just have to call us- that’s what we are here for.”

Unit 2, Railway Road, Cavan, Co. Meath / Tel: 049 437 2326