Sir John Rogerson’s Quay

Sir John Rogerson’s Quay

A blending of the old with the new, is what Henry J Lyons are aiming to achieve with No.1 Sir John Rogerson’s Quay. And whilst standing to admire the purpose built six storey over basement office and mixed use development- it is easy to see that the Dublin based firm are making impeccable progress. Due for completion in July 2018- 1SJRQ will have a dramatic effect on the Irish architectural world as it rises in fluid lines from Dublin’s riverfront and becomes the focal point of the South Dockland, leaving Henry J Lyons’ clients with a prominent and timeless presence in the city.

So what is it that makes this project so special? It could be the grand entrance, with monumental timber doors and the original façade that opens onto a spectacular 317sq m garden courtyard, flanked by a four-storey living green wall that sets the new build back from the protected structures on SJRQ. Or it could be the reception area that boasts a sculptural atrium, which soars 24 metres high above the entrance lobby, drawing vertical light deep into the building to create a compelling sense of boundless possibility.

It could be the panoramic full-height (4m) glazing systems that will be used to optimise natural light levels and lower energy consumption, whilst solar shading systems minimise the need for blinds and allow the connection between working environment and city life to invigorate and drive productivity. Or it could simply be how 1SJRQ integrates with the protected structures at number 4 and 5 Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, which are connected through the new block at No.6 SJRQ on all levels.

Whatever it is- 1SJRQ is guaranteed to offer Henry J Lyons’ clients a new way of doing business. As it is a stimulating work setting, it is in a prime position to attract and motivate millennial workforces and top talent. As a verdant new public realm and artisan retail cluster, it will transform Windmill Lane, creating a cool new urban social space linked by the Liffey Riverwalk to its counterpoint at Grand Canal Square.

Its generous 2.8m floor to ceiling heights and clear spanning floor plates offer unimpaired daylight and stunning river views, which result in a welcoming workspace that contributes to business success by boosting health and wellness and facilitating collaboration.

As a building that preserves its industrial heritage by seamlessly integrating the original entrance and two industrial era (18th Century) buildings into a modern Grade A office space- 1SJRQ‘s sustainability credentials are clearly expressed through the clean lines and optimised glazing of its high performance façade and its abundant landscaping, which includes green roofs, a living green wall and two garden courtyards.

So what else do you need know? It is obvious that Henry J Lyons know exactly what they’re doing- just look at their portfolio of completed briefs. Each project has its own personality and vibrancy- 1SJRQ will be no different.

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