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SLMD Architects

The pace at which technology moves and develops, tends to leave most of us behind in a hot cloud of smoke, wondering where and when we got so outdated- for SLMD it’s not a case of keeping up, it’s a matter of making motions in a market that is constantly changing, diversifying and challenging what we thought to be true. And with a team deeply invested in following, mapping and improving upon each technical advancement introduced within the commercial world of Interior Architecture- SLMD believes in leading the way and designing interiors fit for the future, rather than following what the past left behind.

paul tierney

paul tierney

paul tierney  paul tierney

Established in 2009, the progressive and reliable Interior Architecture company boasts an impressive list of loyal clients, such as Glanbia, Axa Insurance and AdRoll, and as their reputation continues to grow with the significant work they have compiled on their portfolio to date, so to has their staff capacity which includes architecural and urban designers, furniture designers, graphic designers and exhibition designers.

SLMD succeeds in enticing new clients through targeted marketing, referral, or simply by the witnessing of their work in its day-to-day role in the world. Focused on delivering a unique service- which is based not only upon their clients’ needs, but also their working culture and the scope of social and commercial media interaction of the business- SLMD strives to understand the direction their clients wish to take business and dedicates their time and knowledge to propelling them there.

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We specialise in interiors for commercial companies,” Company Founder, Lawrence McFarlane explained. “Whilst we have succesfully worked on retail, hospitality and leisure projects, its commercial office interiors that we find the most challanging, and its where we have built up the majority of our expertise. A lot of the corporate contacts we’ve made over the years, are people who have been continually impressed with our work. We’re known for creating technologically integrated interiors.”


We try not to get caught up on clichés or the current fads of office design. We would rather spend our clients resources on researching innovative ways for them to interact better with their customers and staff than create ‘of the moment’ playground type installations. The companies we work with tend to have best in class employess who are striving for success, our aim is to help them achieve this through intuitive design with precise implementation.”

SLMD knows better than most that the face of business as we know it is changing, and that it’s better to be on board technology‘s speed train, than not to be. As a mechanical design engineer originally, Lawrence McFarlane grasps the technical side of SLMD’s designs with ease and incorporates as much of his knowledge into each one as he can. Having recently installed top-of-the-line social media command centres for some of his clients, Lawrence has seen the direct improvement his work has spurred, whilst his clients have informed him of the impact his innovations have made.

How a businesses interacts with its customers is no longer what it used to be, the friendly face is becoming all but obsolete as social media takes over and criticism, whether good or bad, spreads at staggering rates, not only domestically, but internationally,” Lawrence revealed. “We’ve helped our clients to develop different systems which not only monitor their own clients and customers requirements but also how the competition is communicating with the market. We’ve even gained valuable experience of our clients EMEA operatons and markets by travelling with them and designing bespoke exhibition stands for them, transporting the face of their companies around the world and building solid marketing architecture for them.”

And their goal- which they are very much on the cusp of realising, with the opening of their second office in Belfast- is to spread the name, SLMD, all over the country and create a branded interior design company that is renowned for the execution of clever, diverse, forward thinking and smart designs for all corporate clients.

The best part of what we do is seeing the clients’ reactions and hearing how their businesses have developed, how their staff and clients now interact with the designs and how it was all worth it for them,” Lawrence described. “We love coming up with excellent solutions and finding different ways to solve the problems we are faced with. We also like our ideas to come from an information rich perspective and with a diverse library of books traversing disciplines from advertising and marketing to PR and Green Businesses, and a vast knowledge of supply specialists gained from over 18 years experience in the design industry at our fingertips- there’s no end to where SLMD can go in this industry.”

SLMD Architects
Address: 7 Harcourt Street, Dublin 2
Contact: Lawrence McFarlane / 086 609 6760

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