The McCallion Group

The McCallion Group

When clients approach McCallion Group with their public or private projects- they have high expectations as the Donegal based firm is a market leading Construction company like no other. Boasting vast experience in both the public and private sectors, as well as retail, commercial, residential and traditional contracts- McCallion Group achieve a standard of quality that can only be accomplished through dedication and foresight, and by harnessing each of their experts’ talents to better their clients’ lives. So why look anywhere else, when McCallion Group have the right solution for you?

Specialising in complete construction services, including design services, building and construction services, groundworks and civil engineering works- McCallion Group utilises cutting-edge work methods and breakthroughs to provide a finished product that embraces and embellishes the modern way of living. And while continually developing their skills and broadening their own experience- the team not only have the vision to design and build what you are looking for but the drive to push it beyond any expectation.

Established in 2001, the company’s reputation for excellence has only grown with each new-year, and now they pride themselves on the quality of work that they provide in every aspect of their operations. Believing that it is their commitment to their work, their wealth of knowledge and their teamwork that has led to their success- McCallion Group continually monitor and assess their contracts to guarantee that they are completed on time, on budget, and most importantly, built according to the company’s and the clients’ standards and specifications.

Serving mostly the commercial sector- with an in-house team who can mobilise quickly from the start of the project- the company is renowned for delivering high-quality construction projects in short timeframes, and often ahead of schedule. Completing their own demolition and civil works, as well as harnessing a well-established relationship with M&E Contractors- McCallion Group eliminates the normal delays experienced by other firms.

And completing civil works such as pumping stations, large carparks, recreational areas and resurfacing works for County Councils- McCallion Group has an array of experience in a mass excavation in short timeframes, concrete foundations, reinforced concrete frames and drainage and communication ducts. Also having completed numerous builds for the County Council, the team at McCallion Group have a firm understanding of what the public body’s vision is and how to realise it, or how to achieve your planning.

Recently completing a new Lidl supermarket in Edenderry, Co. Offaly, and currently working on a number of other projects- McCallion Group has become a name well known to their long list of satisfied clients, as much of their business is repeat business or comes through word-of-mouth. And what does that say about the team?

It says that they are reliable, that their work orbits their clients’ wants and wishes and strives to position itself respectably in the modern age of construction. It says that the team at McCallion Group are understanding and easy to talk to- so the construction process is accessible and easy-going, rather than daunting for their clients. And it says that McCallion Group is worth the call, even if it’s just to inquire about a small job that you’ve been thinking about for years- they will have a solution for you.

Operating all over Ireland, it is the team’s dedication, alongside their skills and thirst for knowledge in an ever-growing and developing business- that keeps them getting stronger. And as they get stronger, they get more determined to be the best, as the only the best can deliver the highest quality product. So don’t hesitate to call- McCallion Group has the right finish for you.

McCallion Group

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