Tony Patterson Sports Grounds

Tony Patterson Sports Grounds

When it comes to laying sportsgrounds, there is no room for error. It takes experience and precision to ensure that the earth is appropriately treated and able to withstand the forces that it will be subjected to. It also takes a whole lot of commitment to guarantee that no mistakes are made; that the foundations are laid correctly and that the pitch will stand the test of time. That’s why Tony Patterson Sportsgrounds are leading the way in sports pitch surfaces and are Ireland’s elite sports ground specialists having completed pitches for Ulster Rugby, Munster Rugby (@UL), Cardiff Blues Stadium Pitch (which hosted the 2015 Amlin Cup Final), as well as Hockey pitches for Rathdown school (Monkstown Hockey club), St Gerards School, GAA pitches for Dublin GAA (@DCU), & Clare & Limerick GAA to name a few. With over 40 years’ experience in the sports field industry- in construction, restoration and maintenance- they are well able to tackle the complexities of modern-day sports surfaces and deliver the pitch that you need.

Established in 1975, Tony Patterson Sportsgrounds is a family run business that aims to provide their clients with the highest quality finished product, they are Irelands only specialist pitch builder to be officially certified by a sports governing body highlighting their consistency of exceptional quality as one of Ireland’s most experienced sportsground contractors (North and South). They are also Irelands only SAPCA member, which continually monitors and vets accredited members – the only trade body for the sports pitch industry.

They maintain this status by specialising in their area and working together as a team- as they believe that their clients get more, when they benefit from each of their expertise. It is a very simple process really- the team meets weekly to review each project and discuss any on site issues or breakthroughs. Having been in the business so long- gives them advantage over other firms.

When Tony started the business, it was all natural surfaces,” Company Engineer, Patrick Farrell revealed. “Now most pitches are synthetic, as they are easier to keep up and the client can get more hours of use out of them especially over our increasingly wet winters. As we have been in the business so long, we can provide any type of playing surface- we have years’ of experience laying them all. Some companies only work with synthetic materials, whereas we have progressed with the latest developments each year and can work with any surface. We are committed to our clients and the standard of service that we offer.”

Based in Dublin, Belfast and Nottingham- Tony Patterson Sportsgrounds work all over the country and in the U.K. They have all their own specialist equipment, so there is never any delay when it comes to getting the work done. They are always ready to get the ball rolling and this has been the reason for their success- their clients know that Tony Patterson Sportsgrounds understand what exactly has to be done and that everything the team does, is for their clients.

Most of our business is repeat business,” Patrick explained. “We are one of the longest running companies in the sector in Ireland and we have a great relationship with the clients that we have worked with. It’s important to us- making them happy- and we ensure that we are there at their disposal, that when they call, they get to speak to the right person.”

And although the Installation of sports surfaces is their core focus, Tony Patterson Sportsgrounds also deliver complete solutions tailored to their client’s individual requirements, which include preparatory work such as earth works, drainage and even civil engineering works (all in house) through to fencing and flood-lighting. They also offer advice and assistance on the choice of most suitable sports surfaces and can install the latest synthetic pitches for an incredible artificial turf surface.

Having completed over 200 pitches in the past decade (natural and synthetic), it is clear that the package they offer- from initial consultation and topographic survey, to in-house design and construction- is a service that can be relied upon.

The recent completion of the New All Weather Pitch at St Michaels College, Ailsbury Road, Dublin 4– proves that the team at Tony Patterson Sportsgrounds possess the knowledge and the insight to not only meet your sports surface needs, but to provide you with a product that has the potential to better and change the way that you both play and see sport.

It is very hard to go in and fix something if you get it wrong,” Patrick said. “You need to get it right when you are doing it- that’s why we encourage our clients to choose the best quality materials. They might be a bit more expensive, but they last longer and our clients get more play out of them. We have been called a couple of times to correct other contractors pitches that have been built and did not meet the standard required. We are just happy to have the skills to be able to do so- to be able to put a smile on the client’s face.”

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