VPM Contracts

VPM Contracts

There is a certain charm to construction- knowing that you have built something new, something unique for your clients. It’s what makes the dedication and the attention to detail worthwhile- according to VPM Contracts Ltd, a Louth based Construction Company who are committed to providing an excellent service, whilst maintaining strong relationships with their clients. Boasting a team of experts willing to go above and beyond their clients’ needs, VPM Contracts Ltd. put the ease back into building dreams.

Established in 2013, VPM Contracts Ltd. operate as main contractors on new-build projects, renovations, conversions, extensions and public, educational and residential works. They commit their time to finding creative building solutions to the problems that arise on site- as there are always problems that arise on site- and offering their extensive knowledge on any job or query that their clients may have. Big or small- it is no question at all whether VPM Contracts Ltd. will find the time for you- that is exactly what they are here to do.

We do almost everything for our clients,” Company Founder, Vincent Matthews explained. “There is no job too big or too small- that’s the kind of relationship that we have with our clients. We like what we do- we wouldn’t do it if we didn’t. And we if didn’t provide our clients with the best product, then we wouldn’t be doing our jobs correctly and our clients wouldn’t recommend us- but they do, so we must be doing it right.”

And having built a reputation out of referrals and exceeding expectations along the East coast of the country, the team at VPM Contracts Ltd. are able to promise their clients an understanding and determination that will carry their projects over the finish line on time and on budget. It’s what the team pride themselves on- that and their continued commitment to embracing the challenges that come with complex construction; nurturing each client’s vision and defying the belief that construction has to be difficult.

It is only hard if you don’t know what you’re doing,” Vincent said. “I have nearly 30 years’ experience in the construction industry, so there isn’t much that I haven’t seen. The team also have a lot of experience behind them and they are continually training, so their skillset is constantly growing. It’s exciting- there is always something new on the horizon.”

And working on several different projects at the moment, VPM Contracts Ltd. highlight their strength in conquering diverse and dynamic briefs. And although they are busy, they are never busy enough to forget their clients. That’s one thing VPM Contracts Ltd. would never do. The one-on-one communication that they have with their clients, and their hands on approach, is what keeps their clients coming back.

As when you call VPM Contracts Ltd. you get to speak to the company founder Vincent Matthews. You do not reach an automated machine- you reach the person who will take your brief from conception to completion, in a professional and efficient manner.There is no middle-man or wasted time. There is only expert advice, at a reasonable price, and a quality assured service- if you don’t believe it, give them a call.

VPM Contracts Ltd

Dunleer, Co. Louth

Tel: 041 686 1370 | Vincent Mattews – 086 250 6057

Email: info@vpmproperty.com | www.vpmproperty.com